Sounds good from online reviews and nothing else is working for me. I know healthy diet and exercise should be first, but c'mon!!

So I looked this stuff up online and found some positive reviews, and decided to give it a shot. The main ingredient is an acid that is naturally produced by the human body in small amounts. It's natural. Not chemical.

My review 4 out of 5 stars. Although it didn't perform a miracle(didn't expect one), I felt like my diet was easier this time than the last.

I started taking their supplement on Tuesday in the cold of the January winter. Have been taking 4 per day, in two doses, just as the directions said. Felt I had higher energy levels for my walks. My belt was also reduced by *2* notches :^D.

So at this point I'm about 260. Before taking Calcium Pyruvate I weighed about 273. Like I said though, I'm back in my "good" routine. That means along with the supplement I'm avoiding bad foods, and doing some low key exercises. As promised I feel less shaky. No full body rejection of my better habits. IMO worst part of dieting by far!

If it keeps working I'm going to stick to this until the bottle runs out. Hope my review helped someone else out there overcome their big fat demon lol.

A paid review written by LinkVehicle.


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