I did a lot of my Christmas shopping this year at Whirley Pop Shop. This is a company that specializes in popcorn, topping, oils and also lots of popcorn related gifts. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to buy someone, but one thing that's certain is everyone loves popcorn. So this website was perfect for some no-brainer Christmas shopping.

My experience here was really, really good. I actually ordered some of the popcorn for myself just to see how it tasted before giving it as a gift, and the flavor was outstanding. I was also really pleased with how timely the popcorn arrived. It tasted very fresh as well. Lots of times when I order food products online nothing tastes very fresh, but this popcorn did.

Whirley Pop has a great variety of things to choose from and even offers gift certificates if you just have no idea what kind of popcorn to get a specific person. The website is attractive with lots of bright colors yet also manages to be easy to navigate and organized so you can easily find what you need.

I would recommend Whirley Pop to absolutely anyone not only for buying gifts, but also for regular shopping. After trying their popcorn, I'm not too excited about going back to the grocery store brands.

A paid review written by LinkVehicle.


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