This is the second part of our Tupperware' Kitchen Discovery Class. It is really long overdue for I had some trouble with my desktop.

Check out the first part here - Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA Part 1

After Chef Melissa demonstrated how to prepare a Pasta Bar  and Salad Bar using the Speedy Chef, it was Chef Gigi's who came in the kitchen and showed us some more delightful and easy to prepare and cook recipes.

Chef Gigi Using Quick Chef

She demonstrated to us how to cook the Spanish Rice and Cajun Cream Dory with Tropical Fruit Salsa.

She used the Quick Chef this time; a bigger, and innovative version of Speedy Chopper. Quick Chef is a smart alternative for electric food processor. It has two stainless steel blades for chopping fruits and vegetables, and  twin paddle whisks for mixing and whipping creams, dressings or dips. It also has a funnel attachment for adding liquid ingredients and an anti-slip base for convenient handling.

Php 1,999

After cooking the Spanish Rice, Chef Gigi then placed it in the Jel Ring. The Jel Ring is a kitchen tool that is usually used to make Gelatin recipes, but here, Chef Gigi showed us that it is has other purposes as well.

Chef Gigi Cooking Spanish Rice
And while she was cooking the Spanish Rice, she was also preparing and cooking the Cajun Cream Dory with Tropical Salsa. Cajun is a southern American cooking style of using dried spices or herbs.

Mixing dried thyme, oregano, ground cumin, ground coriander, smoked paprika and some pepper and salt in a Season Serve. She then placed the Cream Dory in it and just shook it and gave an even blending of the spices with the fish.

Season Serve is a container that is perfect to use for marinating food. It has a dome-shape seal to provide space for bulky food pieces. This perfect kitchen tool is priced at Php 899.

She also taught us mixing the Mojitos recipe using the Speedy Chopper.

And here is the final product of all the recipes that Chef Gigi cooked.

Spanish Rice with Cajun Cream Dory with Tropical Fruit Salsa and Mojito

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