Being in the kitchen isn't a thing for all. You can play cooking games for all your life, you can read all the cooking books available but there's no guarantee that you will be able to do the craft.

Why Not Anyone Can Cook 

Given today’s developments, it is still a surprise to find people who do not know how to cook. Whether they prefer to keep it that way or they have no choice against it, there are really just some people who are not born to handle this type of activity. However, this does not mean they are bad at household work. Instead of cooking, they prefer to do other activities in the house such as cleaning, doing laundry or ironing. It’s just really, there are some who don’t like to cook.

Moreover, there are some people who are unable to learn the skill even if they wanted to. Here are 4 reasons why not anyone can cook a meal maybe until their life depends on it:

#1- They don’t like it. Period. There are some people who know how to cook. It’s just really, they do not like doing it. This happens a lot and for various reasons. Other times, it is due to a personal event in their life which has been associated with their cooking.

#2- They’re too busy to cook. For people who spend several hours a day in the office, going home feels like a treat. This is why they do not want to spend another hour in the kitchen preparing their dinner. They would much rather open a can or have a microwave dinner while they watch TV. Some even prefer taking out food or having it delivered to them. Many of these people feel that cooking is just a waste of time and that they have better things to do.

#3- They think it’s a chore. Apart from being too busy, there are some people who have all the time in the world yet don’t want to lift a pan. One reason for this is because they are tired of looking for new recipes to cook. Since they do not want to keep repeating the dish they cooked the other night, they feel like they have to look for a recipe to use. For people who only know a few recipes, this can be pretty annoying.

#4- They hate cleaning up afterwards.

Lastly, many people hate the thought of cleaning up after they cook. Even though they love to cook, they prefer not to do it because they don’t want to clean dishes and pans afterwards.

There are many people who believe that if you know how to cook, you can instantly be a Chef. However, being a Chef is not for everyone as it requires patience and effort. In some cases, it even requires you to be thick skinned. At the end of the day, cooking should be a fun and engaging activity for the individual, and not a task that could put you and your loved ones in danger.

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