Couple of days ago, Ana and I were so hungry and decided to troll out for some good food. It was about 1 or 2am in the morning that time. And since we don’t want to eat at KFC and Mcdo which are our usual last resort; and left with few choices, we just went to the nearest good food pizza store, Yellow Cab, Visayas Ave. We decided to have Dear Darla and Charlie Chan Pasta.

Dear Darla

We have been to Yellow Cab, Visayas  Ave. branch about twice or thrice, and had eaten at Yellow Cab for the nth time, but this is the first time that we actually had Dear Darla.

The last time we visited this branch and ordered the same, it was not available due to lack of ingredients. Good thing we didn’t get disappointed this time, or else, I’ll drive to Timog branch to have some piece of this good food pizza roll.

Dear Darla Roll
Dear Darla Menu
Dear Darla is a roll thin crust pizza with arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts.  These veggies give unique taste and blend to your usual pizza. The arugula leaf is a bit minty for me and alfalfa sprouts have some aromatic scent and have a taste I can’t explain, but it’s all good food actually.

Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta
Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta Menu
Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta is our favorite here in Yellow Cab. It is a good food pasta dish that uses chicken strip, shitake mushrooms and roasted peanuts. All these ingredients are sautéed in a spicy oriental sauce, which gives a little kick to your palate. This good food pasta is best combination to any pizza flavor that you like.

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
With Branches Nationwide
Delivery No. +63 (2) 789-9999 (Metro Manila)



  1. another exprience to ah, ngayon ko lang po pala napalitan yung link medyo busy sa school. Happy eating!

  2. Hello, I have my midnight snack later. Ha ha ha

    BTW, I already added you. Please add me too. Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing! :) I haven't tried Dear Darla yet so I was curious about its taste. Whenever we eat at Yellow Cab, my favorite is the Charlie Chan pasta. :)

  4. nakakatakam.. haha.. well I have to try this one.. I have not tried it as well.. some people does not like Charlie Chan and I do not know what but for me I love it..

  5. i'm not really into pizza's but i might try dear darla..

    by the way, nawala sa blog list mo yung 2 blogs ko... eto yung links nila... paki add po ulit...

    Anything About Bella 

    The Father and Son Chronicles

    Thanks so much!

  6. Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta is really the best!

    I remember one time that we ordered for Yellow Cab delivery and my friends were really curious how Dear Darla taste like. When the pizza arrived, they all exclaimed "bakit may damo?!!"... but it turned out that it's actually really good .

  7. wow nice pizza. i thinks its delicious to eat.


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