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Last October 1, 2011, I attended my first event as a food blogger in Enderun Colleges at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Ciy. The event was called L’ Art de la Patisserie or The Art of Pastry. It was a live pastry demonstration by the top Chef Franck Geuffroy. He demonstrated advanced techniques in making some good food pastries and desserts.

I arrived at Enderun Colleges around 9am as the registration starts at 930am. I’ve met Iris of Entrepremom while waiting at the lobby. After registering, the organizers gave me a nameplate, a folder of good food dessert recipes, press release handouts, information sheet of Chef Franck and an Enderun Colleges organizer which contains a lot of information about the school.  We then went upstairs and waited there for couple of minutes before going to the amphitheater where the event was held.

Chef Franck

Chef Franck preparing as we waited for the start of The Art of Pastry event.

Some Enderun personalities greeted us and gave some words.
Mr Daniel Perez - Enderun Colleges
Thomas Nomer - International Development Manager
Chef Sy
Mr Frank - Valrhona Chocolates

As Chef Franck started his good food desserts and pastry demonstration, he showed and thought us of some techniques. And he pointed out some important elements in making desserts and pastries, which are creativity, temperature and sculpture.

Chef Franck Working Out On Sugar Candies

Here are some results of what he did.

Sugar Candy

Sugar Candy

Sugar Candy

Sugar Candy

And here is a tower made of sugar candies and chocolates:

Candy and Chocolate Tower

After the presentation, we had our chance to take some photos of the desserts and pastries in the amphitheater.

End Results Of Demo

We then head downstairs and had our lunch at Restaurant 101. Here I’ve met Jen of Tara Let’s Eat, Jonel of Nom Nom Club and Alvin of Chef Tonio. Alvin was actually my seatmate in the amphitheater.

Restaurant 101 Entrance
Restaurant 101 Interior

For our lunch, we had soup (Asparagus I think, not sure for I can't remember), and Roasted Chicken Breast with Potato Grata. Both tasted good and they are actually heavy. I've got full even without eating rice.

Roasted Chicken Breast with Potato Grata 

After our lunch, we went back upstairs to have some desserts. Yes, I used some! Look at the photos below and you will see some good food desserts! (",). But before that, we had a chance to take a peak at the kitchen were all good food are created.

Enderun Colleges - Kitchen Room
Enderun Colleges - Kitchen Room Interior
Pastries in the Oven
Now in the desserts room, here are what we’ve had. I only had half slices of the desserts since I was so full, plus the fact that it is so many, I just had to taste a portion of it.

Pates de Fruits or Fruits Paste

Pineapple and Peppercorn
Raspberry and Geranium
I tasted both Fruit paste, and both Pineapple and Peppercorn and Raspberry and Geranium tasted good. Though the latter is to sour for me.

Caramels - Salted Butter and Passion Fruit and Mango
I also tasted Salted Butter (the one in front), it was actually good, but wasn't able to taste Passion Fruit and Mango (The blurry one at the back)

Here is a photo of Citrus Marshmallows which is also one of the good food desserts but I wasn't able to taste.

Citrus Marshmallows

Enderun Colleges gave us some handouts of the recipes of these desserts and pastries and will be posted here in good food blog soon.

Cakes and Pastries 
Tropezienne is an orange blossom water-perfumed brioche, filled with butter and pastry cream. It has some calamansi zest.

Enderun Entremet
Enderun Entremet is a creation of Chef Franck for Enderun. It consists of shortbread, calamansi cream, intense chocolate biscuit, peanut praline, dark chocolate mousse and gingered milk chocolate. It is actually a layered cake with 3 kinds of chocolate.

Citrus Entremet
Citrus Entremet is another invention by Chef Franck. He created this pastry for people who want to travel though eating a piece of cake. Ingredients are coconut mousse, citrus crème, white chocolate brownie with grapefruit. It has calamansi zest on top which Chef Franck loves using.

Intense Raspberry Chocolate Brownie
Intense Raspberry Chocolate Brownie is another creation by Chef Franck. It is a rich concoction of chocolate brownie and raspberry marmalade.

Kouglof is an alsatian brioche specialty with dried raisins. This one has a characteristic shape.

Gateau Basque
Gateau Basque. Little cakes from Basque Country, which is located at Southwest of France. It has almond powder and pastry cream.

St. Honore
St. Honore. It has a base of puff pastry topped with a ring of small, caramel drenched cream puffs, and the center is filled with clouds of whipped cream.

Paris-Manila is another creation of Chef Franck. It is a combination of French and Filipino taste. It has a ring of golden brown pate a choux pastry that sandwiches praline cream and sliced almonds. It also has coco jam filling and calamansi zest.

Desserts and Pastries

My warm gratitude to Ms. Trixie Esguerra of Nuffnang Philippines for inviting me to attend this good food event, Enderun Colleges’ L’ Art de la Patisserie. Although I didn’t see her in the event and wasn’t able to meet her personally.

Enderun Colleges
1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, 1634 Phils
Tel. No. +63 (2) 856-5000 loc 574

They offer:
Bachelor of Science – Business Adminitration
Finance and Wealth Management
Business Process Management and Consulting
Marketing Management

Bachelor of Science – Entrepreneurship
With Focus on Family Enterprise

Bachelor of Science – International Hospitality Management
Major in Hotel Administration or Culinary Arts

For more information, visit their website at www.enderunextension.com or www.enderuncolleges.com


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