I was invited thru email by Carlo, the owner of Lia’s Cakes In Season, to eat in his good food café and try their Avocado Cake.

While looking at his good food website in multiply, Lia's Cakes In Season, I have learned that Lia’s Cakes In Season is just located at Kapitolyo, Pasig City. So last two Wednesdays ago, after attending a mass in St. Pio’s Centre at Libis, Quezon City, Ana and I decided to drop by at Lia’s Cakes In Season.  So I gave Carlo a call, which he asked me to do before going, that we will be visiting his café after the mass which will end around 630pm, right timing to have a dinner there and try out some good food.

Coming from Libis, we took the route going to Shaw Blvd then to Kapitolyo, Pasig. Driving along Kapitolyo, we took left at the first street, I forgot what the name is, and about few meters away, we saw Lia’s Cakes signage on the left side of the street. It was not really hard looking for it after all.

Lia's Cakes In Season

As we entered, we looked for Carlo and his courteous staff said he was not around but left a message that we will be coming over. We read the menu and ordered Baked Fish, Aligue Pasta and a slice Avocado Cake for dine in and another one for takeout.

Baked Fish
I ordered Baked Fish. I wanted to try it out since I have been trying out good food fish dishes lately. They use cream dory here with some sauce and mayo on top. Over all, it tastes good though I personally do not like mayonnaise that much. So I just took it off and enjoyed this good food dish.

Aligue Pasta
Ana ordered Aligue Pasta. I tasted it too. The aligue sauce was so rich in flavor that it lingers in your mouth. But personally, being a pasta lover, it would be better if the pasta has some more ingredients with it like shrimp or squid or anything to minimize the rich flavor of the aligue sauce. Although this food dish was so plain, I can’t turn it down since it tastes good.

Avocado Cake
We had Avocado Cake for dessert and our first time to taste such good food. Personally, I do not like avocado, but this cake was unbelievably good, plus the crunchy pistachio nuts on top gives the avocado cake a more delightful taste.  Lia’s Cakes’ Avocado Cake was a pass down recipe from Carlo’s grandmother. It was her grandma’s original recipe and was featured in some magazines and newspapers years ago. And this is Lia’s Cakes In Season’s  signature cake and their bestseller one.

While having our dinner, the staff gave us a slice of Banana Caramel Cake for free.

Banana Caramel Cake
The banana caramel cake actually tastes good. Ana and I enjoyed eating this good food eventhough we are already full. Banana Caramel Cake is also one of the best sellers of Lia’s Cakes In Season.

Another bestseller is the Apple Pie, but we were so full we weren’t able to have a taste of it. We will just try it next time we drop by Lia’s Cakes in Season.

We also took some shots of the café and other good food products of Li'as Cakes In Seasons while waiting for our orders.

Lia's Cakes In Season

Lia's Cakes In Season

Lia's Cakes In Season Interior

Lia's Cakes In Season Menu Display

Avocado Cake - Whole

Chocochip Meteor

Mango Cheesecake Cookies

Oatmeal Cornflake Cookies

Lia's Cakes In Season Polvoron

Chocochip Cookies

Lia's Cakes In Season Cupcakes

They also have this promo:
Last Hour Sale, 30% off on Cakes and Pastries; 8pm onwards everyday

Lia’s Cake In Season
Kapitolyo, Pasig
Tel. No. 377-4808
Delivery: 212121


  1. really nice info naman, yung mga cake nila mukhang masarap, hindi pa ako nakakattikim ng mga ganyang flavor eh. Happy eating!

  2. wow! saan ito sa kapitolyo.. Taga-pasig ako, and i worked around Kapitolyo dati.Pero di ko alam na mei ganyan na store... ginutom ako dun sa avocado cake.... Makapunta at matry nga dian.. :D nice nice

  3. mukhang masarap mga cake. pero parang ngayon ko lang nalaman na may aligue pasta.

  4. sarap naman ng post na ito... i want to try that aligue pasta...

  5. i love sweets ... will check this out :)

  6. i will DEFINITELY visit this place. Just to taste that avocado cake!:)

  7. were featured at ensogo! :) 50% OFF on Lia's GCs!! http://www.ensogo.com.ph/manila/lia-cake-gc.html

  8. Love to try their avocado cake :)

    Followed you :)

  9. @berylle - Thanks! Keep Visiting! You may want to check out their site, they have new products.

  10. Bumped into your site when I was at myfilipinokitchen...
    This avocado cake is something, worth-trying, I've been to Kapitolyo and I have seen this, now it' on my list...Hope you check out my blog as well, followed you...
    Here is mine: www.gastronomybyjoy.com

  11. i thought u were gonna be eating for free since you were a "guest" or was invited. and you only got a slice of cake, that's not so nice, lol.


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