A healthy meal, easy recipe and a good food alternative for vegetarians who love pasta. Not only that, seafood lovers will surely love this recipe. Recipe for Seafood Pasta Aglio Olio is one of the easiest to cook pasta recipes. Cook in garlic and oil, the aroma and flavor of garlic mixed with your favorite seafood, this good food dish won't be of any disappointment. Here is an easy recipe for everyone:

Serves 4-5  Prep Time 30 minutes  Cooking Time 15 minutes


1 250g pack pasta of your choice
3 heads of garlic, minced
2 red/green bell pepper, cut in strips
1 tbsp pepper
12 pcs large shrimp, peeled and deveined (we use headless shrimp here)
250g squid, cut into rings
15 pcs medium sized mussels
125ml olive oil
Salt to taste
1 pc red chili (optional, for a little spice)
Origano/Parsley leaves (to garnish)

How To Cook:

Cook pasta according to package directions. Do not add oil while cooking it. Wash and drain to avoid pasta from sticking to each other.

Heat olive oil in a pan. Keep low heat to preserve the natural flavor of olive oil. Saute garlic until light brown. Add pepper and red chili. Stir well until fragrance rises.

Increase the heat and add shrimp, squid and mussels. Add salt to taste and stir well for 3 minutes.

Keep heat low when the ingredients are cooked.

Finally add the pasta and bell peppers into the sauce and mix it well.

Garnish with origano and parsley leaves.

Serve while hot.

Happy Eating!


  1. shrimps are my favorite. they are really delicious. try one at home anne

  2. Love the simplicity of this dish...really highlights the seafood!

  3. What a great pasta dish, this looks delicious! :)

  4. Great pasta! Looks wonderful!

  5. sorry my comment and the following corrections that I use

    seafood is the food to my pleasure, especially if the cook with your recipe, of course great.
    as usual I add g +1 in every post I said


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