We went to Tramway, a good food Chinese food restaurant with an affordable eat-all-you-can buffet along Timog Ave, Quezon City, about couple of weeks ago. They have a little of Cantonese, Japanese, and Filipino cuisine on their menu and open for lunch and/or dinner. You can arrange large pax celebration in their function rooms for big occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversary, etc.


I hasn't able to take shots of every food since it is a bit awkward with a lot of people eating around. I just took picture of my plate, putting a sample of almost all the food they have.

Steamed Egg Pudding
My first time to taste this apperitizer. I even asked the waitress what it is and what it is called. A pure egg white pudding, with shrimp at the bottom, it tastes good though, but not really recommended to take more than one serving.

Maki Platter
They also serve maki, california, crab, tuna and tamago.

My Plate
Here's my plate. It has fried rice (they also served steamed rice), sweet and sour pork, pancit canton, seafood omelette, mapu tofu, lengua, garlic kangkong, fried chicken, steamed fish, fried pork siomai and sauteed sayote with squid.

They also have sharksfin siomai and eggplant with oyster and some more dishes I hasn't able to taste. Some sidedishes like achara and ensalada. For desserts, they have fruits (watermelon, etc.), buko pandan and macaroni salad.

There rate is quite affordable compared to other smorgasbord style restaurants. With less than Php 250, you can eat all these food and get back for some more. And the drinks are about Php 40. Overall, they still serve good food.

Tramway Garden Buffet
65 Timog Avenue, Quezon City,
Metro Manila, Phils.
+63 (2) 415-2005


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