This is another celebration of Ana held at Oasis Bar in Quezon City. We ordered some new snacks that we didn't order from the last time we went at Oasis Bar. And we had some good food favorites like cheese sticks and chili cheese sticks.

Garlic Mushroom

I wasn't able to taste a lot of it, but does not necessarily mean I won't ordered this next time. It's a must try!

Sizzling Beef and Mushroom 
If you are a fan of beef, you can order this one.

Flaming Squid
Served while flaming in front of you. This is also a must try. The squid is cooked just as juicy as it can be. No remorse.

Chili Cheese Rolls
How To Cook - Chili Cheese Rolls Recipe
No night out that we missed ordering this one. It's so good and not so spicy, that everyone can have a share of it.

Cheese Sticks
Can you see the cheese coming out of the breadcrumbs? This is not the typical cheese stick you order that is wrapped in a spring roll, isn't it?

Barkada Platter
Barkada is the Filipino term for group of friends or pears. This good food platter has it all the yummy and finger foods you could have. French fries, calamares, kropecks, and  fish fingers all together in a big plate.

Oasis Bar
127 Panay Ave., Quezon City, Phils
(02) 415-5345

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