Before watching a local movie at Trinoma, we decided to have a good food dinner and had Pizza Hut as choice. Well, we usually have  pizza from Pizza Hut for delivery since we have a palm card. An exclusive privilege card from them wherein you pay Php 379. Palm Card entitles you to have a free Pizza of the Month of the same size for every order (max of 5 per transaction) of a regular or family size plus an order of Pepsi. Card will lasts for 6 months and is for delivery or take out only. Who would not love this good food?

Dining in a Pizza Hut food restaurant is not really like a common experience compared to other chain restaurants. Well, waiters/waitresses treat you like you are a VIP. They serve fast, efficient and so courteous. Plus, there are a lot of good food in their menu list.

Here are what we ordered:

Fettucini Ala King
Fettucini Ala King; a light cream based pasta with ham, chicken and red bell peppers. Isn't it so yummy?

Combo Platter
Combo platter is the top selling appetizer of Pizza Hut. With chicken tenders, fries and garlic bread. Served with mayo-mustard and barbeque sauce.

Both orders are half the price. They have this promo that you will get a 50% price off on some food items for the day which differs from Monday to Friday for every order of a regular or family pizza.

Supreme Cheesy Volcano Stuffed Crust
Supreme Cheesy Volcano. Combination of mozzarella, provolone and cheddar on the crust of a regular supreme pizza.

Pizza Hut
Branches on almost every mall and key areas across the country
Tel. No. +63 (2) 911-1111



  1. Interesting,I wonder about your country,but here in India,the menu of Pizza Hut is pretty different but the food delicious nevertheless!

  2. Hello dear friend.
    happy Tuesday

  3. I love eating Pizza. In the photo looks so great!
    Have a great day!

  4. follow your blog and links your have successfully inserted it on my blog


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