My mom made a good food salad few days ago. She was not really following any good food recipe and just made this easy recipe on her own. She just put whatever she wants on it. This one is a healthy salad since my mom herself  is on a low fat diet.

Serves 4  Prep Time 10 minutes  Cooking Time 10 minutes


3 eggs, boiled cut lengthwise (disregard the yolk)
1 cucumber, julienned or cut in layers
1 ponkan or mandarin orange, unpeeled
2 pcs tomatoes
1 red bell pepper, julienned
1 pack lettuce or salad greens


Low-fat mayonaise or thousand island


In a salad bowl, arrange the lettuce with the cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, mandarin oranges and then add the eggs.

Chill for few minutes.

Serve with dressing.

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  1. I love the addition of mandarin orange! I like how you toss whatever in the fridge and makes good salad out of it! :-)


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