Shrimp and Aligue Pasta
My girlfriend Ana loves to cook good food and this is one of her specialty.

Back in the days when we were still a bit new, bumming around in our house, Ana and I were thinking of what to eat at home for dinner, and she asked me if I want this one. Of course, what else to answer but a cheerful yes and telling her that this is also one of my favorite pasta and not to mention how I love seafood, shrimp and crab to top it all. So we decided to meet at the nearest mall, have some stroll and bought ingredients. 

An hour or two of buying the ingredients and strolling around, we went back to our house and cooked this lovely dish.

Don't ask me more if it tastes good, hell yeah it does! (",)


  1. naks! so impressed by your effort kuya =) Ana really is a good cook, i love her Caldereta too =)

  2. don't worry i'll post some pix of that the next time she cooks. we weren't able to take some photos of it the last time she cooked. but surely ill post some recipes of it soon.

  3. Thanx mare for you comment...

  4. really lucky you have a girlfriend like a great cook ana


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