My friends and I had a good food dinner in Kabisera ng Dencios at Bonifacio High Street couple of months ago. Good thing I have taken some photos of our food orders. 

Kabisera ng Dencios is the fine dining version of Dencios Bar and Grill, which is also popular food restaurant here in the Philippines as a destination for good food lovers.
Kabisera ng Dencios

We were a group of 6 and ordered the following food recipes:

A very popular filipino dish here in the Philippines and one of the all time favorites, a slab of Lechon Kawali (Pan Roasted Pork) on top of a Garlic Kangkong (River Spinach). Definitely a good food.

Lechon Kawali with Kangkong

Kare-kare. One of my favorite dish and one of the best Filipino stews. Served with Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) to compliment the richful taste of its peanut sauce.

A very tempting  plate of Chopped Crispy Pata (Fried Pork Leg). Comes separately with vinegar, onion and chili as its sauce/dip. Easy eating this good food ei, better check your blood pressure afterwards. (",)
Crispy Pata (Chopped)

Garlic Rice. Well, you wouldn't go for the usual variant of your rice with the above mentioned dishes, won't you?
Garlic Rice

Couple of bottles of San Mig Light after a sumptous meal. This one is served "Below Zero", an icy variant of the beer, wherein you wouldn't need a glass and ice but still enjoy it as served.
San Mig Light

It was my first time to dine in Kabisera ng Dencios. The good food here however, are not as affordable as the usual Dencio's that you know but its worth the appetite. Adding up with the savory meals is the cozy place and a nice interior design, this place is one of food restaurants that you shouldn't miss dining in with your family or friends.

Kabisera ng Dencios
B3 G/F, Bonifacio High Street
Taguig City, Metro Manila
+63 (2) 856-5543



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